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The Team & Their Roles!

The professional AUCTIONEER engages the crowd with fun jokes, chant, positive vibes and money grabbing techniques. 

We learn these techniques from fellow colleagues in the industry, experience, auction college and continuous education to keep up to date with the latest and greatest!

The level of professionalism and class a true auctioneer will bring to an event will turn a good event into a fabulous success leaving no money left on the tables.

The professional RING PERSON is an essential member of the team. This person is an extension of the auctioneer within the crowd keeping them engaged the entire time.

A hype person, glorified cheerleader, crowd motivator. They can 1 on 1 work out a deal with the bidders, clarify any confusion, be goofy, are super loud and communicate with the auctioneer who is on stage with hidden signals. 

The auctioneer and ring person have a secret language to build momentum and keep the value for each of the items.  


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Silent & Live auction items

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Education on becoming a professional 

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We Offer ALL Clients:

  • helpful tips on selling tickets

  • 2 video conference event committee meetings before the event

  • unlimited phone and email consultations

  • an assessment of all event components and goal

  • 1 debriefing and plan for next fundraiser meeting 

  • info about donor incentives, sponsors, matching grants and other ways to maximize profits

  • access to silent, raffle and live auction items through consignment, creativity and relationships

  • help with slide-shows

  • best customized possible event timeline

  • VACATION deals and discounts!

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