Meet Nicole

My History

Hungarian Folk Dancing is what entered me into the world of philanthropy. Auto and Livestock is what entered me into the world of auctions. Benefits is where my heart found it's calling. Together I have cultivated a uniquely fun and interesting spin on the benefit auction as I provide a show while using all my auction education to greatly increase the revenue for the deserving organization.


Certified Benefit Auctioneer & Event Consultant

Born in Canada, now living in the USA! I have 17 years in the non-profit sector with 6 years as a professional benefit auctioneer and 2 University years in business communications, but to add to the experience is 2 auction diplomas from World Wide College of Auctioneering (1 English diploma & 1 Spanish-English bilingual diploma). Now I am attending the latest and greatest auction and fundraising conferences to stay up to date!