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3 Nights on Maui, 2 Nights on Island of Hawai’i

=5 nights total!! (Two island tour across Maui and the Island of Hawai’i)

Provides accommodations for two adults
The recipient simply pays a fee to cover room taxes of just $30 per night - this covers both adults
*All inclusive options are available as an upgrade and include all meals, drinks, gratuities, and non motorized activities

  • Buy With Confidence

  • No Timeshares

  • No Hassles

  • No Gimmicks

  • Honest, Straightforward Customer Service

  • All Packages Ship and Arrive To You In Three Business Days

Hawaii Vacation!

$600.00 Regular Price
$450.00Sale Price
  • ALL of Boss Auctioneers clients automatically receive an extra discount off the total price for hiring the fundraising guru, Col. Nicole Cowan! Only $360 for Boss Clients!


  • These deals are amazing! They do require 4 package minimum, but yes you can mix and match between vacations!

    Any style mix and match works here and 3 years to use them!


    • 4 Mexico trips meets the requirement 
    • 1 Mexico + 1 Caribbean + 1 Hawaii + 1 Vegas meets the requirement
    • 2 Vegas + 2 Hawaii meets the requirement

    Multiple ways to pay!  Reach out with questions regarding these trips or if you would rather pay by cheque, Venmo, cash or PayPal.

    • Email:
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