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Auction items your guests will really want!

Vacations for a Cause!

Sales on now!

Fundraising and vacations go hand in hand. These style of trips go for thousands at the average gala event. Boss Auctioneer gets these deals at cost specifically for non-profits to help make this world a better place! The resorts need to fill up and the organizations get to make a serious profit! Reach out with any questions!

MINIMUM 4 packages per order. You have 3 years to use these packages. Feel free to mix and match between packages. Ex) 4 Mexico trips or 1 of each trip or 2 Caribbean+2 Hawaii = 4! Have fun! 

Consider all options!

Silent or live auction, fund-a-need, raffle or prize... these are always a winner to add!

Yes, trips are the big ticket items, at events we want everyone to leave happy and feeling like a winner! Consider these type of auction item options below as well! 

With Boss Auctioneer we want to help every step of the way with your event needs. We specialize in fundraising here and your organization can focus on high yield activities such as connecting with your audience and donors.

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